HONNA is involved in many projects that beautify the Old Northeast and make it a safer and better neighborhood in which to live. The many projects in which HONNA is involved include:

•    Monument and cornerstones – HONNA pays for the patching, cleaning, painting and electrical repairs of these monuments and cornerstones on a regular basis.

•    Dolphin statues – HONNA has paid for the repair, restoration and painting of these two statues near the Venetian steps in Granada Terrace.

•    Median landscaping – HONNA pays for the landscaping and monthly maintenance of several medians

•    Westminster Church – HONNA pays for the monthly lawn maintenance of this now-closed church property and places seasonal displays on its lawn. HONNA also paid for repairs to the church sign.

•    Acorn lamp posts along 1st Street – HONNA worked to get grants for the installation of these lamp posts.

•    1st Street Upgrade – HONNA efforts helped lead to the upgrade of 1st Avenue between 22nd Ave N and 9th Ave N to make it one way with two bicycle paths.

•    Residential Parking Permit (RPP) zone – Upon the request of many affected residents, HONNA coordinated the implementation of a RPP zone on the southern edge of Old Northeast

•    Recycling containers – HONNA led the efforts to enable recycling containers to be emptied from alleys as opposed to curbside

•    4th Street crosswalks – HONNA has coordinated between residents and the city and the state for installation of these crosswalks.

•    Halloween – HONNA pays for additional police to make our neighborhood safer for special Halloween night activities

To see more of what HONNA does for its residents, please visit our Membership Page.