The five monuments marking the Old Northeast have been getting a facelift recently as noted in previous communications. But the monument at 5th Avenue NE and Beach Drive, arguably the premier location of the five, has been given a unique facelift thanks to renowned local artist Chad Mize, 

The HONNA Board of Directors hired the well-known muralist to put his touch on that monument. “St. Pete’s residents are very attuned to the vibrant arts scene in our city,” said HONNA President Nick Bell. “We wanted to contribute to the scene in a way that made sense for our neighborhood. So, when we decided to update our historic markers, we tapped Chad to do something different with the Beach Drive monument.”

“I’ve always loved the vibe of the Old Northeast,” Chad noted. “So, when HONNA reached out to me about painting the monument, I of course said yes. I love using mural art to beautify outside structures. My recommendation was to match the color palette being used on the other four monuments and integrate a hex block pattern that’s associated with the sidewalks of the neighborhood and St Pete.” 

Residents can check out the result of Chad’s work at Beach Drive near the Vinoy Resort. “We’re thrilled with the result,” Nick said, “and hope that it becomes more than a neighborhood monument, perhaps a new Old Northeast landmark.”