110 30th Ave N

Lauren Childers



Joe Waugh, St. Petersburg Codes Compliance Director, was guest speaker at the June 17th HONNA Quarterly Meeting. The approximately 70 attendees participated in a Q&A session with the director after he explained the difference between civil citations and code violations as the two are often confused. 

Civil citations, Waugh explained, are for common issues involving homeowners and simple fines, such as overgrown vegetation. Code violations, on the other hand, are for larger issues involving hearings and liens.

Waugh addressed concerns about overgrown vegetation in the neighborhood that impedes pedestrians. Ironically, it’s the abundance of beautiful landscaping that distinguishes the Old Northeast from other neighborhoods. But he pointed out, lush vegetation cannot restrict safe passage of pedestrians on city sidewalks. 

Waugh also addressed other code-related issues such as ADUs and pervious vs. impervious surfaces.

Nick Bell, HONNA president, updated the residents on a host of projects the HONNA Board of Directors has been working on, including: 

  • 1st Street Lighting – begun several years ago, this involves erecting “acorn” streetlamps from 5th Avenue N to 30th Avenue N. The final four light posts are due to be installed in the coming few weeks. 
  • The former Westminster Church Property – The former church sanctuary and attached school are to be turned into a single-family residence and two townhomes respectively. Bellaire Development has been working closely with the city and HONNA on detailed plans for the property. Approval of the design plans may occur within the next couple months.
  • Neighborhood Gateway Monuments – Begun a year ago, this project to clean, paint, and relandscape the five monuments marking the entrances to the Old Northeast is complete. Next phase involves repairing and or replacing the lighting that will illuminate the monuments at night. In addition, the city has recently cleaned, repaired, and repainted the Granada Terrace monuments. About half the light fixtures on the monuments are not working and this will be addressed.
  • Tree Canopy Inventory and Planting – Approximately half of the neighborhood’s 400 blocks have now been inventoried, including the number, size, and variety of trees on the public right-of-way. In addition, this year’s initial HONNA-sponsored tree planting is underway, with new varieties to choose from and updated care instructions. 
  •   26th Annual Candlelight Tour of Homes – It takes the proverbial village and 5 months to produce this holiday season favorite and major fund-raiser for HONNA. The Tour committee is in the process of forming. Interested parties can “raise their hand” by emailing president@HONNA.org. The committee will be seeking homes to be considered for the Tour. To nominate a potential Tour home, use the same email address.

Two awards were presented during the meeting for outstanding work by two tree inventory project volunteers. Linda Boorman surveyed 27 blocks and plotted 333 trees. Janice Herbert surveyed 36 blocks and plotted 536 trees. Each hard-working volunteer received a $100 gift certificate at Lida’s Jungle. The survey work is not complete, so please contact board member Monique Kramer at moniquek522@gmail.com  to join the tree team. You may also email Monique to apply for a HONNA tree to be planted on your right-of-way. 

The next quarterly meeting will be held September 16 at Westminster Palms. All Old Northeast residents are encouraged to attend. Watch upcoming HONNA newsletters for more information.