The brainchild of members of one of Old Northeast’s book clubs, the idea started as chat at a monthly meeting. Someone remarked about a renovation that transformed a nearby home. Wouldn’t it be great to honor the homeowners for preserving or updating their home or property? A group interested in pursuing the idea met with Robin Reed (HONNA Planning & Preservation chair), and a star was born.

Many of us have heard developers say that it’s more cost effective to tear down a house than to do a major renovation, and we see examples of that happening all around us. However, many of us in the neighborhood will go the extra dollar to keep the character and history of our homes intact. Let’s pay tribute to these efforts. Our neighborhood is full of examples of homeowners’ care for their homes. From a complete makeover to a simple renovation, new landscaping or fresh paint – we’re recognizing our neighbors for the love and attention paid to their home with the Neighborhood Star Award. It’s not hard to find examples.

Going forward, every month yard signs will be placed on properties to indicate an award. The first star goes to the home that sparked the idea, 1630 2nd Street N, as well as to 101 27th Avenue N.

Watch for new stars in the neighborhood monthly, and you’ll be able to find them posted on in addition to HONNA’s Facebook page. We invite you to be a part of this effort so please feel free to nominate a neighbor or a refurbished property in The ONE you admire. Have a home to honor? Send the information to Charleen McGrath at

Selections for the end of 2017:


1630 2nd Ave N

101 27th Ave N


The Dunbar Condominiums, 410 12th Ave NE

757 2nd St N


226 25th Ave N

116 13th Ave NE